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I m now traveling in New York city, This is my first  time to visit N.Y. Awesome!

I'm living in Brooklyn and Coney  island is my favorite place that I can stay there all  the day. The other place where I can stay all day is Midtown Comics in Manhattan!

Now, I am waiting for the Thursday New York Comic Con! Wooooha!
Any one who will go to the exhibition too?
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How are you? I wish you have a nice new year, my friends! 
and I wish this year will be more better than last year. :D:D
Do you have any plan to 2014?
I have many things that I want to make them come true!*_* !

I want to draw A LOOOOOOTTTTTTS FAN ART! (best thing ever!) 
like the TV show Hannibal fan art and The walking dead fan art! :D:D:D 

I want to go COMIC CON San Diego! and I already bought the flight ticket! ;D <--( only visit the show)
God damn early bought the flight ticket=_= because It's cheap price now...

I've never been to U.S before, this is my first time to trip to U.S, VERY EXCITED! I Plan to go N.Y to play for few days, and Comic con San Diego
I wish that I can be one of participator and show my arts on 2015, 
so I have to realize what the exhibition looks like? then make plan.
How to join the exhibition and check out other artists how to do..

Anyone have experience and attend to the comic con before?? can share something to me? XD 
( whatever, if you visit before or show your arts there before...etc)

Finally, I plan to draw something new in this year, and draw a lots handsome men..

:D:D ..........

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Finally, Asia Series 2013 is starting now! 
Tonight! (Nov. 15th~Nov.20th)
This is Asia baseball competition, 5 teams
Italy (They come to support because China canceled)

Lets see this touching moment, very important to me..
I want to share to you guys, my friends!!
Thanks Plugin B&V this company gave me chance to join the project this time,
and I can show my art in this big competition!

Asia Series 2013:
PluginBV official
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My ink illustration in the movie" Rhythm Of The Rain ".
This is the first time show my illustrations in the movie., satisfied me! Well..,the story is talking about young people romance.

The movie released date:
Taiwan: Oct.4th,2013
Singapore:  Oct.10th, 2013
Malaysia: Oct.10th, 2013
Australia: Oct.10th, 2013
Japan/ China / Korea: no released date yet. (I will update it)

A tragic childhood accident leaves main actress trapped in a world of silence. To fulfil the void, she immerses herself in the vibrant and animated night market. Until she met Allen and Darren and totally change her life. Allen is a rocker and Darren is a quiet artist who draw the Chinese ink.

Ya, in this movie, Darren's arts almost made by me, in his room and everytime he draw the actress, he join the competition, his exhibition ..etc. 
You will see some my new drawing for the movie and I did not public here yet.
and if you are interested in Asia culture, you can try to watch this movie.
I will public these drawing after the movie out of the theaters.

Movie information:
Darren (Actor interview -Chinese):

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I draw a short story, it called "96". 
96 by Jungshan
Well, why is called "96", because 9 and 6 looks opposite number. 
This story is talking about two men but actually they are the same person.
Why they are the same person? well..
I did not finish yet, so..I just upload few drafts to my blog and you can try to read......( no conversation)

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An hour later that going to 2013 in Taiwan! Here is 23:18pm

I wish my parents and rabbit Didi always health and happy!!!!
I wish I have chance can see Rammstein concert in 2013!!!!!!
I wish I have enough money can pay my LOKI 12" figure !!!!!
I wish Hot Toys can sell Raoul Silva or Xmen's Erik 12" figure on 2013!!!!
I wish I have enough money and vacation can go Europe travel!!!!!
:D:D:D:D.seems to I did not say anything about my work........
........ok, I always wish, always

I wish... I can work for film project !
in this new year 2013!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS :#1:

Let's threw every bad things in [Dec.31,2012 11:59:59] this big box,
Wish every friends here all have a Wonderful New Year 2013!!!
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Recently that I received an email from Brazil, and
he asked me to use my drawing to his tattoo idea.
Of course, It is totally no problem, but I had a bit
worried because...
my drawing made by Chinese ink and have a lots ink stamp
and add washes of ink, it is different to the tattoo technique.

When I received his tattoo work, I got a huge surprised!
He really made it! and the tattoo artist  Mafra he changed
my original drawing and add sakura with traditional Asia pattern  
became to background, it is a good idea!

Thanks Fabio and Mafra! I really enjoy your tattoo work!
my original drawing
Tit for tat 3 by Jungshan
The Fabio tattoo photos here:…
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I want to discuss a thing, it is about the price..
I believe that most of friends here almost have had met the same situation,
clients need you to provide the work price. I am not sure is it suit to talk
about this topic here or not, but I really want to talk.

Remember long time ago, when I graduated from university, a game company
asked me the freelance price to draw a poster. I gave them lower price than
the market. Of course, I got this freelance work. After I finished this project,
I was told off by my friend who work freelance and famous in the art territory,
seems to I destroyed the average price.
That was my thought:
[well, I just graduated from school and not famous at all, I can't ask for more
higher price.] Actually THAT IS TOTALLY WRONG.

Why I said that because recently I received a freelance chance to draw the
novel cover in my country, (A big publish company)They gave me the price
same as 10 years ago that I graduated from school, very low payment.

They said: I believe that you just graduated from school and need job, I like
your style very much, this novel will be a good chance to become famous to you!

I answer them: Well, I already work this freelance more than 10 years, I know
the average price of the cover, I can not accept this price,
I think even a student, if he/she have good ability, they shouldn't get
such low payment.

In this case result was, They gave me very high price,
but I did not accept this work, because I felt bad for their attitude.
I want them use this high price to hire other illustrator.
( but I believe they will still use lower price..)

If I said payment is not important to me, that is telling a lie, but If you
really love my work and have limit budget to hire illustrator that I can understand.
I still glad to work with you, if I have had time or no other jobs.
Just don't make me feel that you want to cost down,and stress the artist's pay.
We need to spend time to created the drawing, test brushes colors, sometimes
need to wait the computer running if the drawing very huge..., etc.

(At least most of clients are nice to me, and I love them truly! Thank you, love u.)

Now I am checking job website, many graduated students find the job
like illustrator and designer. The salary & payment is unbelievable low,
but seems to those companies and enterprise are still making a lots profit.
what can I say? :explosion:
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Does anyone who use twitter?

my twitter is : Jungshan Ink

but I still don't know how to use it!! XDDD

I just know how to follow person and  check my favorite
bassist Jeordie White's photos..
(Even he is playing guitar now...)
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I made an experiment work again. How to make the nature curve?

play ink by Jungshan

Let's play the ink!

Well, you need to prepare,
1) water
2) ink
3) paper ( better used by thin and rough paper)
very simple tool,

First, drop ink to still water
( it have to used on the still water ( important!)
then you can take the stick to play the ink on the water.
quickly cover a white paper and the ink will print on paper
like the video below:


The ink print on paper:…
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Hi Everyone!

How are you? :D:D I am happy today!
Because JungShan Ink featured on Musetouch Issue18!
Thanks Musetouch gave me so many pages
to show my ink works.

This is a really high quality design visual magazine!
I am really glad to be one of artist there!

^^ Wish you like it!! and welcome to download magazine online!
There are have many cool and amazing artists arts, I really love
this magazine O_o!!

Website here:
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XDDDDD  not serious plan.........

This year, I plan to....PLAY WHOLE OF YEAR. :D:D

(Happy New Year!
Wish everyone have a nice , fun , relax(?) new year!)

How to say...,,mmm...,of course I will keep
working and making drawing.
just I don't want to think too promote or anything else...

This year, I wish I can discover new stuff , new art style...with ink..
and I will keep making Chinese ink textures and upload here.

I really want to go the 歌舞伎町 to see the .....YAOH!

ok, be serious,
seems to I did not plan anything about the samurai.. = ="
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TODAY, my client draws back the art by me, made me feel
a little bit upset, how to say, it already modified many times,
so I think that should be my problem.

Super upset feeling made me want to create this textures to share you guys...:D

Asia Darkness textures download by Jungshan
Here I made a new textures pack, the textures about "Asia Darkness".
These all made by Chinese ink, and these textures are very suit to any horror stuff.

You can see the Chinese font on this cover, this is meaning the
darkness and gruesomeness.
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Ink textures download

Journal Entry: Mon Jun 27, 2011, 3:22 AM
Jungshan Ink textures by Jungshan

Here I paint few of Chinese ink textures and I want to share them.
I am not sure that you are interesting this textures or not, so I just upload 12 pcs. If you are interesting to made the Asia style drawing or design, you can try to download it.…

These Chinese textures all paint on the traditions Chinese Xuan paper, the different textural quality will paint to the difference result.
These papers difference which results in its texture being harder and its ability to absorb water weaker.
Of course, I wish you can enjoy these textures, and I'd love to see the art you made with these textures, so...
If you can, just send your finish art link to me and we can discuss it.

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Does anyone know this music...

Journal Entry: Sat Apr 30, 2011, 6:54 AM
I am searching the rock music and the "VOCAL" like
Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder or like Chris Cornell,
Or the metal music "Vocal" like Amorphis' Tomi Joutsen.
I like this vocal so much!

especially the Pearl Jam's -Jeremy! I am looking for the vocal and music like this!
Does anyone know this kind of music that can recommend to me?
Thank you very much!! T_T

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I JUST READ A NEWS YESTERDAY!!!!
Children Of Bodom and Amorphis !!!CONCERT IN TAIWAN ON JUNE.19!!
:D:D:D:D SO  HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!

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The website and forum ....

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 18, 2011, 2:53 AM
Hello !

Here have few website and forum that I usually check,
of course the first one is DeviantArt,
and ConceptArt.Org,
and I also use the FOTOLOG,
For other one is blogspot group, like [ sketchblogstars]
I also will check everyday, and for design work that
you can check the NOTCOT and

I am looking for the art website and group , forum that can upload
the drawing and communicate each other.
Does anyone who can share little information to me T_T?

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*Welcome to my book!*

Journal Entry: Sat Feb 26, 2011, 9:08 PM
Hello my friends,
My ink works featured in a new artbook, ArtcorePress Vol.1.
JungShan Ink in Artcorepress by Jungshan

ArtcorePress is a new art book,
ARTCOREPRESS  Vol.1 by Jungshan
It is collect the different arts around the world.
CG/ Illustration / Graffiti / Tattoo / Photographic..and more.
Total 152 pages, Hard cover. 150p paper. and full color page.
This is the VOLUME 1 Participators:

Yu Cheng Hong / Taiwan :iconyuchenghong:
Yu Chi Chin / Taiwan
Andrew Hou / Canada:iconnjoo:

Bart Bosmans / Belgium
Daniel Thomas / Spain

Yves Damiaens (Yiefix) / Belgium
Ronaldo Inc / Brazil

JungShanInk / Taiwan:iconjungshan:
Javier G. Pacheco. / Spain:iconjaviergpacheco:
Maria Emege / Spain:iconemege:
Hemp. / Spain


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This is a great news to became one of
interview artists in  [Japancinema] this month.
Thanks to [Japancinema] again, and I guess
they proofreading my English for long time :D :D

BTW, if you are interesting to this interview,
please check this website…
When I click my DA link today
and I see my profile bar..
Wow, it already 4 years that I join here!

Here just like a small family, I think so.
Thank you for you to add me to watch,
I always want to say this to you guys.

Every comments and add to favorite or watches
to me is very important.Because to be honest,
people no need to love your arts, and no need
to waste time to comment your arts.
or receive your arts every time when you
upload the new drawing.
You are my only power to keep working.
Even we are not meet each other in real life.
Thank you everyone! truly.

I want to thank you to everyone,
for you guys have to put up with my bad English :D

It is…mm the end of 2010.
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I am curious to know the illustrate environment in your country?

1.Is it easy or difficult to search the illustrate jobs in your country?

2.Does your parents or friends or mates support you to work for this job? and keep go this way to be an artist?

3.What kind’s art famous in your country now? 3D? Illustrate? Or tradition art? Or…etc.?

4.If you can choice, what is your dream job?

In our country, the parents almost wish their children
to be a business man,
doctor or professional high-tech engineer.,
I just want to know that does your country
same to us or not? threat arts job to important?
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